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Friday, October 26, 2018

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

HELP WANTED - Information Needed

Below are units or time periods in which I either do not have an example or any good documentation of what the scarves looked like. If you have some of these or know someone who could help, I would be very interested in a description or a photograph.

If you can help, please reply or send an email to usafscarfcollector@gmail.com

PACAF and Alaska
11 TASS, 353 FS
35 FW, 432 TFW/FW (F-16 era all units)
5 RS
8 TFW/FW, 35 TFS
18 TFW, 44 TFS, 67 TFS

320 BMW, 314 AREFS, 940 ARG
4029 SRS, 5 SRTS

19 FS
25 AD
31 TTW (F-4 era all units)
33 TFW (F-4 era all units)
4 TFW (F-4 era), 335 TFS (F-4 era), 336 TFS (F-4 era)
37 TFW
474 TFW (F-111 & F-4 eras), 428 TFS (F-111 era)
F-4 era
F-4 era

16 AF, 401 TFW (F-4 era all units)
26 TRW, 17 TRS, 38 TRS (white F-4s on kelly green)
22 FS, 81 TFS (embroidered versions)
50 TFW (German-made versions)
511 TFS (embroidered version)
68 TFG (F-4 era), 512 TFS (F-4 era), 86 TFW (German-made F-16 versions)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

HELP WANTED - F-16 Silhouette Scarves

One of the things I have been working on for a VERY LONG TIME is sorting out what I call "the F-16 silhouette series." I loosely define it as "all of those non-unit marked scarves with F-16 silhouettes in various color combinations." 

Here are some foreign examples of what they look like.

At this point, I think I have a pretty good handle on the USAF-worn scarves by the two major US-based manufactures (Rama World and Emblem King). There is also another manufacturer who I recognize their work, but I don't know who they are.

The USAF component of this series is difficult to differentiate in itself, but it is further complicated because both of these companies also produced scarves for foreign units. If that doesn't make it hard enough, there were also foreign companies that produced similar scarves for their air force units.

So, I have been approaching the problem as follows:
  1. Find ways to differentiate the various manufactures.
  2. Record the color combinations worn by various units.
  3. Meticulously determine the specifications of the scarves that can be tied to various units.
So, in a nutshell, I'm trying to now figure out which US-made F-16 silhouette scarves were worn by foreign units and if any foreign-produced F-16 silhouette scarves were worn by USAF units. 

So, if you have some scarves like this, I need your help or maybe I can help you.

  • I'm interested in documenting USAF examples.
  • I have some unknowns that maybe you have a match for. (Look at the F-16 section here)
  • I have some known foreign scarves that I would like to match to their unit.

Please send me a note and I would be very glad to hear from you. usafscarfcollector@gmail.com

Saturday, December 26, 2015

HELP WANTED - The Most Interesting Scarf in the World... (UPDATE - 48th TFW Stan/Eval scarf)

Once upon a time, there were three scarves, they looked similar, but they were different. They were part of a series made by P&M Embroidery of Huntingdon, UK, for the units at RAF Lakenheath. Their colors and presumed identities are presented below:

48th TFW Stan/Eval (Black/White)
48th TFW (Dark Navy Blue/White)
48th OG (Black/Light Gray)
There isn't any doubt that the dark navy blue one is the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing scarf. It would also follow that the black and white scarf would be the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing Stan/Eval scarf. But, what about the black and light gray one? I was told it was the 48th Operations Group scarf.

While there are three similar scarves, things get interesting in a hurry.

1) Several times, I have been told that the black/white scarf was (or also was) the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing scarf at Upper Heyford. That contradicts that I have also been repeatedly told that the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing did not have a wing scarf, per se. The wing staff would periodically rotate through the squadron scarves. Can anybody elaborate on this?

2) Photographs of the aircrew preparing to deploy for Desert Shield in 1990 seem to show a black scarf with white (or light gray) F-111 silhouettes being universally worn. Perhaps it was meant to match the disk of the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing patch which was very dark blue or black. Regardless, it seems to be a black scarf and not the standard dark blue wing scarf. So, it looks like the stan/eval scarf. [UPDATE... confirmed that the 48 TFW Stan/Eval scarf was the scarf worn on the initial crew deployment for Operation Desert Shield since it was a mixed "rainbow" deployment.]

3) The black and white scarf is also fairly common. I was told that piles of them were available for sale at the stalls at airshows during the F-111 phaseout. This contrasts to the much rarer dark blue/white and black/gray versions.

So, this black/white scarf is an interesting little scarf. Could it be the scarf worn by the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing while deploying for Desert Shield, also used as the wing stan/eval scarf, and also the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing scarf at Upper Heyford? Please, dear reader, help me!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

HELP WANTED - Elmendorf AFB Scarves

For my scarf identification project, I am needing some very specific assistance for certain places and times. Perhaps you can help?

Scarves with this repeating pattern in two colors were manufactured for Elmendorf AFB.  The blue and silver scarf was ordered in October 1991. The green and gray scarf was ordered in April 1992.  Which unit(s) were they ordered for? Could they be two version of the 3rd Wing scarf?

Please comment below or contact me at usafscarfcollector@gmail.com.

Thank you!

HELP WANTED - Do you recognize this Davis-Monthan AFB scarf? (UPDATE - 23rd TASS)

For my scarf identification project, I am needing some very specific assistance for certain places and times. Perhaps you can help?

Do you recognize this A-10 unit scarf? It is believed to be from Davis-Monthan AFB. The timeframe would be early-mid 1990s.

Please comment below or contact me at usafscarfcollector@gmail.com.

Thank you!

UPDATE: I've had someone write in and say it was 23rd Tactical Air Support Squadron at Davis-Monthan. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

HELP WANTED - 7th Air Force, Osan AB, South Korea (late-1980s)

For my scarf identification project, I am needing some very specific assistance for certain places and times. Perhaps you can help?

The original owner of these four scarves is deceased, but served with the 7th AF at Osan AB from 1987 - 1989, and with the 13th AF at Clark AB from 1989 - 1991. 

He was Chief, Tactical Deception, with the 7th AF.  I'm thinking the yellow scarf with the trojan horse would be from that time. 
7th AF Tactical Deception???

Joint Forces Air Component Command

7th Air Force

13th Air Force

Is that correct?  I just want to make sure that being yellow, it isn't from the 13th Air Force at Clark.

Please comment below or contact me at usafscarfcollector@gmail.com.

Thank you!